Yahoo Performance Summit: Performance Matters, speed is an essential feature


-by Puneet Mohan Sangal, Product Lead Web Performance, Yahoo

Yahoo values speed. We continuously work on every product and page to ensure that our users have the best experience, and can engage with Yahoo pages or apps wicked fast.

We recently held a unique Performance Summit at Yahoo, at our Sunnyvale Campus, that brought together experts from the industry, academia and Yahoo. The intent was for Yahoos to participate with thought leaders in the industry and academia while laying the groundwork for future collaboration.

Ilya Grigorik from Google spoke about experiences implementing and optimizing Transport Layer Security (TLS) at Google. He presented optimizations to reduce latency overhead by reducing the RTTs in TLS handshake, and reduce operational overhead by leveraging hints, SPDY, and http/2.

Stefano Bertacchi from Yahoo described the new rendering pipeline implementation in Flickr.

Sophia Wang from the University of Washington at Seattle spoke about recent research results on the effect of dependencies in page load times and on SPDY performance.

The mobile panel discussion provided techniques for optimizing latency and user experience for mobile. The panelists included Grigorik in addition to Manish Lachwani and Jay Srinivasan from Appurify, and was moderated by Puneet Mohan Sangal from Yahoo.

Professor Theo Benson from Duke University showed his work on datacenter traffic burstiness and packet losses, and traffic engineering strategies to reduce burstiness.

Dr. Amogh Dhamdhere from UC San Diego presented his ongoing study of congestion at Internet peering points, which would impact the performance of content delivery.

Professor Seshan from Carnegie Mellon University presented his group’s work on measuring video quality and the feasibility of peer-to-peer video distribution.

And finally, Satender Saroha (Yahoo) showcased the improvements done to, and Puneet Mohan Sangal (Yahoo) demonstrated how to measure and improve time-to-first-frame in video synthetically.

While we could not invite folks outside Yahoo this time, we’re happy to share some of the videos publicly, for the benefit of the performance community.

Page load performance, by Sophia Wang, University of Washington

Datacenter network performance, by Theophilus Benson, Duke University

Mobile Panel discussion, moderated by Puneet Mohan Sangal, Yahoo:

Internet Video quality, by Srinivasan Seshan, Carnegie Mellon University

Measuring congestion, by Amogh Dhamdhere, University of California San Diego

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