Yahoo Hack USA - It’s a Wrap

By Julie Shin Choi

Yahoo was turned upside down in the best kind of way as developers descended in droves upon our Sunnyvale campus this weekend. Over the span of two full days, hackers from all around the world spent their time, energies, and talents to collaborate with fellow developers at Yahoo Hack USA.


The goal of the event was to celebrate and collaborate as a community of developers who share a passion for hacking. The first day of Yahoo Hack USA was full of opportunities to learn about cool technologies, meet fellow hackers, and start working on the hacks. On the second day, over 50 teams of developers showed off a diverse array of hacks that were created within 24 hours. We saw beautifully curated collections of music and photos sourced by Tumblr and a glimpse of what Flickr could become if blended with other information sources. For the first time, we witnessed flying Parrot Drones powered by Node.JS. It was awesome to see what could be created within the short amount of time given.

Our amazing 33 hour Yahoo Hack USA event concluded on a high note with the announcement of these inspiring winning hacks:

Grand Prize: AirLeap


The best overall hack of Yahoo Hack USA, AirLeap wowed our judges and audience as the team controlled a Nodecopter by simple hand motions and beautiful corresponding visuals on their laptop.

Best Technical Hack - Foldr

Folder impressed by converting a regular MacOS folder into a live Flickr interface. Using Folder, the user could upload photos by exporting from any image editor and use them as desktop pictures or screen savers.

Most Creative Idea - _Note

Awarded for uniqueness, innovation, creativity and novelty, _Note created a playlist of images and music that users could create from Tumblr data. _Note also allowed for playlists to be shared with friends.

Best Potential Product - Quest

Chosen by hackers to most likely to launch as a successful product, Quest could be a powerful tool for recruiters, which identified developers’ top skills by analyzing code from Github, Stackoverflow, and Google Developers.

Best Use of Yahoo! Technology or Product - FlickrPedia

Awarded to Team of Five (plus one on the way), FlickrPedia was built to let people explore Wikipedia via Flickr and view pictures with context and spruce up “walls of text” on Wikipedia with beautiful images from Flickr.

Hackers’ Choice - Marx

A hacker favorite, Marx provided a way for someone to produce a quick and meaningful visualization of their online content.

Best Appcelerator Hack - Say It

Built on Appcelerator’s Titanium platform, SayIt is a mobile application and service that helps you say what you want to say when you can’t. SayIt helps capture what you say quickly and make conversations richer, more personal, and makes communicating with loved ones who have communication challenges 10x to 100x easier.


As we close out this event, we want to thank all the participants of Yahoo Hack USA including our CEO Marissa Mayer, speakers, judges, and hackers for making this a truly epic celebration of hack.  Until next time, keep on hacking and stay tuned here on Tumblr or on our Twitter @ydn for updates on future Yahoo developer community events. Next up, Yahoo Hack Israel!