Yahoo Hack USA Speakers

By Julie Shin Choi

We’re happy to share that the following speakers will be participating in this year’s Yahoo Hack USA, happening September 28-29 at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. 

  • John Bunting, Tumblr APIs at Yahoo
  • Jennifer Davis, Senior Service Engineer, Yahoo
  • Dav Glass, Node JS Hacker, Yahoo
  • Tim Howes, VP Engineering Mobile, Yahoo  
  • Vasudhara Kantroo, User Experience Designer, Yahoo Platforms
  • Amit Kumar, VP Product Management, Yahoo Commerce Central
  • Chris Martin, Principal Software Engineer Flickr, Yahoo
  • Sumeet Singh, Head of Products, Cloud Services & Hadoop, Yahoo
  • Venkat Venkataraju, Yahoo Platform Engineer
  • Jeremiah Wuenschel, Yahoo Platform Engineer
  • Ricardo Alcocer, Lead Developer Evangelist, Appcelerator
  • Kent Brewster, Widgeteer, Pinterest 
  • Matt Taylor, Open Source Community Flag-Bearer,

Apply to attend Yahoo Hack USA today to hear these awesome speakers talk about NodeJS, mobile development, UX, commerce, Hadoop, hardware, and a whole lot more. 

We will be adding more speakers over the next couple weeks and we will share the full agenda soon. Follow along on Tumblr as well as on our Twitter: @ydn for the latest updates about Yahoo Hack USA.